Anxiety is hard to live with, but there are things that help with anxiety such as medication and therapy. Medication helps by alleviating symptoms that stem from within the brain. It is important in treating severe anxiety. Therapy is just as helpful, though not always. Both are good for helping with the symptoms of anxiety. […]

Take Care

I’m not exactly the best at taking care of myself, specifically my skin and teeth. It’s amazing that I’ve never had a cavity in my life and consider myself lucky my teeth are so strong. There are many days I forget to shower, sometimes two or three days in a row. When it comes to […]

Birthday Out

On my mum’s birthday, I celebrated with her, my grandpa, and my dad. We had a pretty good time. First, we went to Seed, a vegan restaurant that I love. I may have been the smallest at the table there, but I was the one who ate the most. It was a great meal and […]

The Beginning of a Blog

I am new to blogging. I have always had a joy for writing, but the thought of starting my own blog had never crossed my mind until recently —recently being about two months ago. I’m hoping I’ll be decent –if not good– at this. I remember when I first started learning to write in school […]